Deliver and Balance the Budget

Recent leaders have not followed their duty to compromise and accomplish a budget. Instead they just delay shut-down. Congress is saying with their sequestration bill that they are unwilling to work together and budget of how much The Federal Government will spend,and requiring the Administration to produce the cuts in recommendation to a Congress unwilling to accept the proposal.

We cannot lead the World with a 30% less response time in our National defense and Cabinets underfunded to carry out their operations. Congress must led with the earnest agreeable and produce a budget that is conservative and responsible for The Nation, and that works progressively to lower and eliminate the National Debt.

Create Market Opportunities

Recent leaders have stated they don’t believe The Federal Government should be in Job Creation business. Job Creation is assisting Businesses develop New Jobs. Those leaders believe that businesses create New Jobs sufficient on their own in the free market. However, the truth is Payroll is the highest expense and is the first item cut in a Company’s business. In the retail sector, poor seasonal performance leads to a stagnate business. Jobs are usually only added when the Company is confident of their growth and wish to expand the business in a different venture path.

When the Economy is not as stable as it should be, New Jobs are not created at a sufficient rate for People looking for work or more sufficient work in the Job Market. This is an obstacle to National economic growth. New Job Growth incentives give the free market opportunities to build up solid National economic growth.

I will Sponsor legislation to Create incentives for Businesses to improve solid New Job Growth in All Tiers of the Job Market, not just the Service Job Sector. I will put forth legislation that will give Businesses incentives to create and fill New Jobs that require Skilled Education, Degreed Education or Equivalent Experience. This will boost the Job Market and lead to more stable flourishing economy in all sectors.

Market Protection for Small Businesses and Banks

In recent years protection for Businesses and Banks has been removed from America’s Stock Market. The greatest of these is a kind of anvil being domination leverage and transaction bombardment which makes it very easy for the very extraordinarily wealthy few to Monopolize on Industry’s super-sectors.

We must restore appropriate and proper daily and period limits on individual investors. Then we should raise the limit per separate transaction to a suitable level, to avoid numerous transaction fees on the fair and moderate investor. Retirement investments are impacted by needed changes to risk. This will help restore a level playing field for investors and help protect individuals and businesses.

Protection for Agriculture

We must restore Protections for Agriculture for the Future of our World’s Market share. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural exports for 2011 were $132.0 Bil. which was down $5.4 Bil. over 2010’s exports. During the same period, imports were up $11.0 Bil. in 2011 over 2010. The first two quarters of 2012 data that is recorded shows that same trend, with exports down and imports increasing. We are the world’s food producer. We must change that direction.

In recent history changes have enabled large corporate farming domination. Large corporate farming is influencing the world market, which also monopolizes the market here in The United States. We need stronger Insurance and Market protection for independent farmers and ranchers. To do so will increase exports and decrease imports. We must restore protections that give way to a level playing field and gains in our World Market share.

 “Outshine, Restore and Protect” Social Security

The Time is now to respect The People and restore and protect Social Security and Medicare! The budget problems with Social Security and Medicare should not be solved by reducing benefits or the structure of these great foundations of The People. The financial state of Social Security and Medicare can be restored to make these foundations of security and retirement, which The People have invested in all their lives, financially viable into the future.

I will sponsor legislation that will eliminate the primary insurance diversion of the responsibility that many individual insurance policies use to shift the burden to Social Security and Medicare. This consumes hundreds of billions of Social Security money to Social Security Disability Insurance (S.S.D.I.) back pay (the portion short/long term disability insurance companies receive through the recipient) and to Medicare that would otherwise be paid by Primary Individual Insurance carriers. Social Security and Medicare funds belong to The People not private companies!

Restore Our Commitment to Higher Education

We Can Not Corporate Raid Higher Education! Education costs for Students and the Government Can and Must be Reduced! With Government funding more on the Equity end of Education there will be fewer burdens in the end result which is Loans.

When recent leadership decided to cut higher Education funding, the cost burdens Universities experienced is passed on to Students with higher Tuition and Housing. We must invest in classrooms and laboratories, and that investment will also lower Education costs which place a heavy Student Loan burden on Students and Our Nation.

Housing costs drive up Education costs and constrain Education limits for many Americans. Federal Government programs to build Housing projects are a great investment in the Education of future Students. The Students would bear the end costs of the housing not the Federal Government, however these programs would reduce housing costs for Students that many times places a $1000 or more per Month burden on their costs of attending. I will take a proactive role in supporting Education, because Students are Our Today and Tomorrow!

Tax Reform

Tax code needs to be simplified. When top executives state that they pay a lower percent tax rate than their secretary, then we know there are serious problems in our tax code.

Fair Tax policies will be good for The Nation with more consistent tax revenue for more predictable budget revenue. I believe individual Tax rates need to be closer to equal rates and cutbacks made on unnecessary deductions for Larger Businesses.