Tim Murray for Congress –       

Tim Murray is challenging Representative Frank Lucas for The United States House of Representatives in Oklahoma’s Third Congressional District. Mr. Murray is a Republican and Oklahoman. His extensive career experience is in the pharmacy market and other corporate businessesHe asks for your vote so that he will help bring U.S. House leadership back to traditional values and defend and serve the voice of The People.

In 2012 Mr. Murray ran in Oklahoma’s 3rd District in the Democrat Party. Mr. Murray has changed his political party to Republican to restore traditional values to the leadership in Congress. He shares The People’s values for a conservative and responsible Federal Government. He believes far too much Federal Funds are wasted in Committee oversight such as Homeland Security and NSA.

He was born in Oklahoma City. He attended a Christian Private School and also Public School in Oklahoma City and Moore. He is a graduate of Moore High school with Academic and English Honors. His degree is in Electronics Engineering Technology from Oklahoma State University/OKC.

He was raised in a Christian home. He is a member of a Baptist Church in Moore. He has been a member of that faith from a young age. He is of the firm belief in separation of Church and State, and believes that people of all faiths must have their rights protected to practice their beliefs without government intrusion into their faith, family, or self, so long as it does not bring harm to others.

He currently lives in Moore, Oklahoma. He has three children and two grandchildren. All three of his children are adults now. He could not be more proud of their accomplishments.

In his career he has meet and worked with great individuals. He has thoroughly enjoyed developing people in their pursuit of higher potential and restoring businesses to higher levels. 

With over seventeen years experience, his professional career has been in large Pharmacy chains and in other corporate business markets. His leadership in three corporations transformed businesses on the close path to closing their doors to very profitable businesses that are a vital part of their communities today.

He looks to lead in Congress after election
believing we must live with our means working towards a balanced Budget while always protecting and serving The People, their Rights, their Social Security, and their Education possibilities for the development of our future. Mr. Murray asks for your vote so that he may help trounce bad ethics in the name of the voice of The People.

Some of his first goals to address are:

  • Deliver and Balance the Budget – working to Lower & Eliminate the National Debt
  • Create Market Opportunities for New Job Growth in All Tiers of the Job Market
  • Market Protection for Small Businesses and Banks
  • Protection for Agriculture to reclaim America’s World Market share
  • “Outshine, Restore and Protect” Social Security and other Government Services
  • Restore Our Commitment to Public Education and Higher Education
  • Tax Reform for near Equal and Fair Tax Policies

Mr. Murray welcomes all concerned in the Greater Good of Oklahoma’s 3rd District and the Nation.  

God Bless You, and God Bless The United States of America!           

Tim Murray for Congress –