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Murray Supports Loans as a Viable Solution for Financial Challenges

Today’s economy isn’t stable enough to guarantee American citizens financial stability. For that reason, loans of all types are widely used across all states. Republicans, in general, tend to be supportive of any additional financial solutions aiding citizens, as long as they are legal. 

Timothy Murray’s team did extensive research meant to reveal whether the payday loan industry is worth supporting. Experts interviewed both lenders and borrowers before confirming their full support and including it on the Republican’s agenda. The survey showed that over 12 million US citizens or permanent residents rely on emergency payday loans every single year. Mr. Murray has made a goal out of supporting the activity of law-abiding payday lending businesses. As long as their activity falls within the constraints of federal and state laws, payday lenders are the last resort for most borrowers in desperate need of financial help. 

Mr. Murray is confident in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s capacity to ensure all borrowers are treated fairly. The Republican has often encouraged credit unions in Oklahoma, primarily due to their transparent lending process. Accessing secured or unsecured personal loans can serve responsible borrowers as a head start in achieving their long-term financial goals.

The team led by Tim Murray was among the first to promote student loan forgiveness in times of countrywide economic distress. At the same time, the politician has encouraged responsible lending from reputable local financial institutions with a proven record of products that do not fall under the umbrella of “predatory loans.” During one of his speeches for students at the University of Oklahoma, the politician encouraged students to get a job, build credit, and take advantage of auto loans. According to Murray, average-income citizens will, sooner or later, take a loan for their needs. Starting early on builds credit and develops a sense of discipline. He added that there is no shame in getting short-term loans when the situation calls for it.
Disclaimer: While Timothy Murray publicly supports loans as a viable solution for financial challenges, neither the politician nor his team is financially endorsed by any particular loan providers. All opinions presented are unbiased.

 Mr. Timothy Murray is an Oklahoman and Republican with his Career as a Professional Businessman with High Ethics and Business Turnaround track record
 Please remember the Republican Primary is June 24, 2014.

I, Timothy Murray, believe we must live with our means working towards a balanced Budget while always protecting and serving The People, their Rights, their Social Security, and their Education possibilities for the development of our future.

I’m Campaigning for U.S. House to help bring House leadership back to traditional values
. Since 1989, Congress has carried out too far off track. In recent years multiple hundreds of billions have been wasted in committee oversight such as Homeland Security and NSA data invasion into the information of our individual citizens.

Furthermore, policy by recent leadership has formed law that gives businesses incentives to build their business abroad. In current and recent job figures it is never good for the U.S. economy to be exported. We must change the direction of our policies now to bring about a stronger more stable Nation.

I am a Republican for The People of The United States. I believe in Traditional Conservative Principles. I will never be just a follower of any Party, but the Body’s Wise Leader for The People of Our Nation.

Some of my first goals to address are listed below. Please read more at the Issues tab on the Left.

  • Deliver and Balance the Budget– working to Lower & Eliminate the National Debt
  • Create Market Opportunitiesfor New Job Growth in All Tiers of the Job PeopleMarket
  • MarketProtection for Small Businesses and Banks
  • Protection for Agriculture to reclaim America’s World Market share
  • “Outshine, Restore and Protect” Social Securityand other Government Services
  • Restore Our Commitment to Public Education and Higher Education
  • Tax Reformfor near Equal and Fair Tax Policies

I ask for your vote to represent you in the U.S. House 3rd District of Oklahoma. I bring my exceptional skills in business restoration, ethics, leadership, analysis (fact finding & careful consideration), negotiation and compromise to achieve the best possible results, and my values of the highest integrity.

The Republican primary is June 24. Please encourage the vote. I look forward to the great honor and opportunity to represent you.


Timothy Ray Murray

Tim Murray for CongressP.O. Box 950525Oklahoma City, OK 73195Toll Free:  1(800) 865-6072Email: info@timothyraymurray.com


We Must change to what Makes the Difference in Our Days as Americans. Too much resources and time have been wasted in the raiding belief of Leaders that, with the beat down and outright interference of others gain, there is self interest and profit to be sought. We must make the change of Leadership for
The People’s land.

I know where the difference in The People’s and Our Days are and how to get the Difference back. It is Plain and Simple:

The Build Up
 NOT The Beat down

Efficient usage of U.S. Funds NOT Waste in Oversight                                                                                            and Top Heavy Departments

Investment in Development NOT The Wrong Commitment to defy Fate and                                                                        NOT Dirty Tricks to defy Markets

The People and their Resources Must be First, Defense Second, and               War Mongers NO Place at All.

In regard to Mr. Murray’s Campaign for
U.S. House for Oklahoma’s 3rd District for 2014.

Mr. Murray and his Campaign has filed in February 2014 with the FEC to run in  the 2014 election cycle for U.S. House in Oklahoma’s 3rd District. He had previously closed his Campaign for Oklahoma’s 5th District and has decided for 2014 to run for U.S. House in Oklahoma’s 3rd District.All federal Campaign Laws and rules have been fulfilled in regard to contributors of the District change in Campaign, and fillings. While other Districts in Oklahoma are needing Leadership change also, Mr. Murray is committed to Represent The People of Oklahoma’s 3rd District when elected. Mr. Murray is Not an employee nor personnel of State or Federal Government.

Tim Murray for Congress

P.O. Box 950525

Oklahoma City, OK 73195

Toll Free:  1(800) 865-6072

Email: info@timothyraymurray.com